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Simply THE BEST Roofing

    When it comes to roofing we dont play around. We go above and beyond to make sure we meet all codes and standards. Unfortunately, there are alot of hacks in this trade and they'll throw you a low ball number just to get the job signed using low quality, cheap materials so they can pocket more money. We feel that if your forking out thousands of dollars to put a roof on your house then you should do it right and get what you pay for. We use some of the best materials made because we know they'll get the job done and last a lifetime. Call NOW for a FREE quote on a roof today!

We see this problem alot more than we should. It is a bad design. The valley pours into the side of the house causing an ice and water back up in the winter. This ice and water backup could end up costing you thousands of dollars like it did this homeowner. They had 2 contractors come out and try to blame the water leak on the downstairs windows and paid to have it flashed twice! Either the contractors have no idea what they were doing or they took advantage of the homeowner to make fast cash. I knew why they had ice and water damage as soon as I pulled up. We fix this by extending the valley out past the wall and ice gaurding the entire area incldung the stretch going 1 foot up the wall. Below are pictures of us fixing the problem and building it the way it should've been in the first place. Call NOW for a FREE quote! 330-397-1197