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Is Your Roof Properly Ventilated?

    Your ventilation system is one of the most important components on your roof. An effective roofing system will allow proper flow of outside air through your attic. If your roof isn't properly ventilated it can eventually destroy your shingles, ruin your insulation, raise temperatures in your attic, jack up your energy bills and rot out your roof decking. 

Roof ventilation. Proper ventilation.
Winter moisture

    During the winter months heat and humidity make it from the living area of your home into your attic. When the warm air hits the cold underside of your roof, it can condense and drip down onto your insulation and dry wall eventually rotting it out and causing black mold and water damage. It also causes your shingles to rot, higher energy costs, and your warranty can be voided if your roof isn't properly ventilated.

Winter moisture

How Do I Solve My Ventilation Problem?

    Fixing your ventilation problem can be a simple fix, or it may require installing a new roof and new wood decking depending on how long your house has endured this problem. Here is a few examples.
No soffit ventilation

Soffit with no Ventilation

Installing soffit vents

Cutting Out Proper Size Holes

Soffit ventilation

Finished Vent Product

Roof With No Ridge Vent

Roof With Ridge Vent

   In your attic,the rafter bay area must have full air flow, espicially in cathedral ceilings. Compared to the old style square vents, ridge vent provides for far greater air movement, considering it spans the entire ridge. Without proper ventilation, moist stale air is an invitation for mold growth. Call Scott's today to solve your ventilation problem! 330-397-1127

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