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Floor Restoration.
Floor Restoration
Floor Restoration
Floor Restoration
Floor Restoration
New Floor
New vinyl flooring.
New vinyl flooring.
Floor restoration.
New powder room.
Floor restoration
Floor restoration
Vinyl flooring.


    We specialize in many types of flooring including restoring hardwood, installing tile, stone and vinyl flooring. There is nothing better than taking an original product that was installed in your home and bringing it back to life! We have tons of experience in taking taking decades damage off of floors and making them beautiful again. Call us now for a free quote!


 Finishing your basement can offer many benefits to your home from increasing your home's storage options to giving you the space for that home gym you've always wanted. Energy conservation and home value protection are other potential benefits of a finished basement. The slideshows above show progression through the process of finishing the basement. Call us today for a free quote!


    Whether it’s storage, efficiency, appearance or increasing home value, remodeling your master or common bathroom can bring an endless array of benefits to your family and your guests. Despite all the pros of remodeling your bathroom,  its understandable that some homeowners are scared to take that renovating leap of faith. Sometimes its because you may not want to deal with the headache of the contruction or you just may not want to pay for it considering the average cost to remodel a bathroom is about $9,500! However, choosing us to complete your remodeling project will eliminate the headache of the job and take away the impact on your wallet! 



Kitchen Remodeling

    Here at Scott's Construction  we consider the kitchen to be the most important room in your home, and specialize in kitchen remodeling. We feel that it's the center of family activity, where family meals are prepared along with daily discussioins and family bonding. The benefits are well worth it in the end. You get a beautiful kitchen designed to fit your lifestyle, and kitchen remodeling tends to have a high rate of return on investment. In most cases, it will almost pay for itself when you sell your home. Call today for a free quote!


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